Attention is all you need for successful marketing. Attract more visitors and customers to you with various Point-Of-Purchase Displays. Customize your product rack and exhibition display to captivate more visitors and potential customers. Product rack, product stand, product shelf, you name it, we will do our best to work with you and produce the best outcome for your POP Display.

At PopBox Display, we produce:

  • POP Display
  • A-Base
  • Pillars
  • Display Barrier
  • Standee
  • Croc Box
  • And many more!


Let them see you clearly.

Your goals, your brand, your achievement, and your organization info. Display them as a backdrop, as your product stand, and overall as your pop-up system.

Looking as good as your services.

Customers will be impressed and immediately recognized your brand. Not only it attracts more eyes, but it would also make a great historic portfolio as well.

Let the display do the talking.

Let your POP Display do all the talking and show your product proudly. Complement your display design with your product design.


Exhibition, roadshow, conference, event—ensure visibility with massive attention grabber with POP Display! Your product deserved its own spot to shine and be shown around. Customized your own product shelf, pop-up sign, and counter display with various interactive designs and attractive colors. We do custom pop displays from floor display up to various boxes with various sizes and various designs, all custom and personalized according to your preferences.

With PopBox Display, your request is our quest! We offer full-service event displays with personalized concepts, designs, and development followed by the production of testing prototypes prior to final approval.

When your product is on a great display, it’s simply convincing and ensuring that you are selling and promoting a great worth of the deal.